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Addressing Licensure Requirements

What happens if I do not meet all of the requirements for a license?
If you do not meet all of the requirements for a license, you will receive notification via e-mail (or via traditional mail if there is no e-mail address on file) regarding any remaining additional requirements.

I received a letter from DESE asking me to verify that I completed a practicum/practicum equivalent or an internship of 150 hours in the role of the license sought in an appropriate classroom. How do I verify this requirement?
If you received an evaluation letter requesting documentation verifying the completion of a practicum/practicum equivalent, or internship it is because the Office of Educator Licensure has not received the required documentation or has received inadequate documentation.

A practicum/practicum equivalent is a field-based experience within an approved program in the role and at the level of the license sought, during which a candidate's performance is supervised jointly by the sponsoring organization and the supervising practitioner and evaluated in a Performance Assessment for Initial License. If you have completed a practicum/practicum equivalent please forward an official transcript and a copy of the practicum/practicum equivalent report form from your practicum/practicum equivalent provider.

An Internship is a paid or unpaid, supervised, and mentored field-based experience, outside of an approved program, in the role and at the level of the license sought. If you have completed an internship in the role of this license in an appropriate classroom, then please submit a letter that has been signed by a superintendent, head administrator, or principal that states you have completed an internship of 150 hours in the role (field and grade level) of the license sought. The letter must be written on official school letterhead and should confirm the start and end dates of the internship, the setting and role, and indicate the name and license number of the mentor. Please refer to the Office of Educator Licensure's Internship Verification Template for additional guidance.

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Internship Verification Template

Will the Office of Educator Licensure pre-approve a course I am taking or planning to take in order to meet a license requirement?
You may submit a written request for course pre-approval. Your request should be submitted several weeks in advance of the course registration deadline and it may be helpful to indicate the deadline date. Your request must include a copy of an official course description (i.e., copied directly from the course catalog or printed directly from the college/university website), and state the specific licensure requirement you wish to have the course applied toward meeting. In addition, you must have completed an application for the license that the pre-approval is being requested toward. Please include your license number, MEPID number, or social security number on all documents. Similar to an evaluation, once your request has been reviewed, you will receive an e-mail prompting you to view your correspondence via your ELAR profile's 'Correspondence History.'

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